The Affinity Home Selling Advantage

At Affinity Painting & Cabinet Refinishing, we have seen a tremendous amount of home sales lately in our local Burlington and Greensboro market. It seems appropriate to address the circumstances that would cause you to want to paint the home you are selling or buying.

When you are selling…

Bold colors

If your home has been painted with a lot of yellow, red, blue, green, and other bold colors it will not be “seller friendly.” It is important to neutralize the walls to give potential buyers a better visual of the home without being distracted by the colors.

Patching of nail holes

While it seems that these holes can be overlooked, most buyers will not want to decorate the home in the same way that it is laid out now. Patching holes from hanging pictures allows the new buyers to start fresh, hanging their pictures/artwork without having to cover the old holes.

Dirty walls & scuff marks

The easiest way to increase your home’s potential on the market is to simply enlist the help of professional interior painting services. It can remain the same color if it is already neutral, but a fresh coat of paint goes a long way when you are showing a home to a potential buyer.

After you have purchased…

  1. If the seller did not do what was suggested above, there are many cases in which they were in a rush or did not have the available funds to update it appropriately. This means you probably got a great deal and have the capital to be able to make the changes yourself. Cabinet refinishing is an incredibly effective and affordable way to really boost the aesthetic appeal of your home’s interior.
  2. The seller painted everything one color and you want to “make it your own.” The most exciting thing about buying a home is making it your own. If the seller has left you with a clean slate, now is the time to add color and customize your new home however you would like.
  3. Updating carpets/appliances/kitchen/bathrooms. While this ties in a bit to “making it your own,” it’s a bit more nuanced. Once you decide to update your carpets, the existing wall color may not work well with the new carpet. In that case… it’s time to make a change. Similarly, if you plan to upgrade the kitchen with a new backsplash or countertops, it is recommended that you paint as well to make sure that there will be a great color scheme in that space.

These are just a few situations to consider. If you are buying or selling a home, we can help you with painting and cabinet refinishing services for both occasions! 

We love to work with families on both the house you are selling and the home you are buying. We can schedule projects accordingly to match with your closing dates. This allows for the smoothest possible transition. Get your free estimate today!