1. “Why is it important to use High-Quality paint?”

    How do I decide? Why are there so many different paint choices? Why do the paints range from $20 per gallon to $89 per gallon? What’s the difference between the $20 paint and the High-Quality Paint? During this article I will break down the many reasons why cutting cost on paint will most often le…Read More

  2. Frequently Asked Questions

    Happy New Year to all of our friends, family and clients! Affinity Painting hopes that your 2018 is as special as it can be. In this article I would like to address some of our most frequently asked questions. Q. Do you provide free estimates? A. Yes, we provide free estimates. Your estimate will be…Read More

  3. DIY or PSE

    [bt_section][bt_row][bt_column width=”1/1″][bt_text] “DIY or PSE (Pay Someone Else)” Homeowners – “Well, I can just paint myself.” This is absolutely true, without any physical restrictions most homeowners can paint themselves. Most homeowners can learn how to manage their retirement …Read More

  4. How We Started

    Hello, Thanks for checking out Affinity Painting’s blog posts.  Today I want to share with you how we started and why we started.  Unlike other companies where the owner may be the 2nd, third, or fourth generation painter my background was much different.  I never expected to own and run a pain…Read More

  5. Choosing Paint Colors You’ll Love Living With

    Express Yourself: Choosing Paint Colors You’ll Love Living With   You probably saw some really gorgeous paint palettes when you were out looking at homes, but I’m also betting there were a fair amount that were equally and painfully cringeworthy. You might have even said to yourself (or your ag…Read More

  6. Exterior Painting

    Exterior Painting Project In Greensboro, NC Today I’m going to talk about an exterior painting project we did in Greensboro, NC. The venue was a farm style house that needed the siding and trim painted.  In addition, there were bare spots down to the wood on some of the siding and some of the boa…Read More

  7. Cabinet Refinishing Experience

    Ok, I may be a little biased when it comes to Affinity Painting & Cabinet Refinishing, but not because my Significant Other, Jason Peloquin, owns the company.  When we decided to paint our own kitchen cabinets, I had a lot of questions, just like any other homeowner would. It’s a little daunt…Read More