Outside of your place of employment, you spend the majority of your time in your bedroom (granted, you are sleeping for a good majority of that time). You want your bedroom to be warm, inviting, and relaxing. After all, it’s the place many of us retreat to after dinner in order to relax in bed and enjoy a book or a TV show before heading to sleep. Hence, you want to choose colors that will promote relaxation and tranquility.

Affinity Painting & Cabinet Refinishing in Greensboro is an interior painting company. We paint the interior of your home or business with colors that you’ll enjoy and that will look top-notch. Below, we’ll examine a few of the colors and tips to keep in mind when choosing a color for your bedroom. Contact us today for a free estimate!


  • Go with neutrals. Neutral colors are reliable choices that in essence will be unnoticeable to your subconscious brain, which is not a bad thing when you’re looking to wind down. Colors such as beige, taupe, gray, and ivory are good choices for your bedroom colors. To add pizazz to these paint colors, you can go with an undertone, which is a great way to add color without throwing your body off kilter. From green to blue and pink, soft undertones can further enhance the calming mood you’re striving for. Another option is to use bolder accent colors to add in more color, but keep the general mood of your bedroom.
  • Go with pastels. Pastels are soft colors that promote relaxation. There are a wide variety of pastel colors, from blue and yellow to lavender and pink. You may have to search for a pastel color that isn’t too childish and will fit the look of your bedroom.
  • Avoid bright colors. Bright colors are stimulating, especially reds and yellows. Subdued shades of green and blue both work well in the bedroom. Green has a mix of warm and cool tones naturally, and blue, as the color of the ocean and the sky, almost rocks you to sleep at night.


Ultimately, Affinity Painting & Cabinet Refinishing in Greensboro recommends that you choose the bedroom color that works for you. Think about your bedroom furniture and use them as accent pieces. What about lighting? Do you have a lot of natural lighting in your bedroom? This can influence what color you choose as well.

You want a bedroom color that you can fall asleep to at night effortlessly. If you need help, give us a call. As your local house painter, Affinity Painting & Cabinet Refinishing in Greensboro has years of helping people choose paint colors that will match the interior of their home and that will go with the mood they are trying to create. The paint we use comes in hundreds of shades, so you can find the one that’s right for you. We’ll paint your ceilings, as well as your walls. Contact us today for a free painting estimate!