1. “Are you Buying or Selling a home?”

    Affinity Painting Home Selling Advantage I have seen a tremendous amount of home sales lately in our market. It seems appropriate to address the circumstances that would cause you to want to paint the home you are selling or buying. When you are selling… Bold Colors – If your home has been paint…Read More


    “What is the appropriate sheen level to use inside of my home?” Different Sheen Levels (Sherwin Williams Specs) Flat – A non-reflective appearance that helps hide surface blemishes, making walls look smooth. Matte – This flat finish is great for hiding surface imperfections, while its angu…Read More

  3. Best Painting Company Mebane

    2017 Readers Choice Award Best Painting Company Thank You Mebane for voting us the 2017 Readers Choice Award for Best Painting Company! A big THANK-YOU to our Customers for their support, business reviews, friendships, and referrals.  In addition, we love working in Mebane because of it’s small…Read More

  4. Cabinet Painting Blog

    [bt_section][bt_row][bt_column width=”1/1″ align=”center” vertical_align=”inherit” border=”no_border” cell_padding=”default” animation=”no_animation” text_indent=”no_text_indent” background_color=”” transparent=”” el_class=”” el_style=””][bt_header superhe…Read More

  5. “What Color Should I paint my Greensboro Home?”

    Among the top questions I get from client is, “What color are other people using in their homes?” In this brief article I am going to touch on 5 of the most popular colors for interior and exterior painting of your Greensboro Home. Interior Paint Colors- Mindful Grey SW 7016 – A beautiful, ri…Read More

  6. “Why is it important to use High-Quality paint?”

    How do I decide? Why are there so many different paint choices? Why do the paints range from $20 per gallon to $89 per gallon? What’s the difference between the $20 paint and the High-Quality Paint? During this article I will break down the many reasons why cutting cost on paint will most often le…Read More

  7. Frequently Asked Questions

    Happy New Year to all of our friends, family and clients! Affinity Painting hopes that your 2018 is as special as it can be. In this article I would like to address some of our most frequently asked questions. Q. Do you provide free estimates? A. Yes, we provide free estimates. Your estimate will be…Read More

  8. DIY or PSE

    [bt_section][bt_row][bt_column width=”1/1″][bt_text] “DIY or PSE (Pay Someone Else)” Homeowners – “Well, I can just paint myself.” This is absolutely true, without any physical restrictions most homeowners can paint themselves. Most homeowners can learn how to manage their retirement …Read More