Exterior Painting Project In Greensboro, NC

Today I’m going to talk about an exterior painting project we did in Greensboro, NC. The venue was a farm style house that needed the siding and trim painted.  In addition, there were bare spots down to the wood on some of the siding and some of the boards needed replacement.  The boards with water damage were all replaced providing a solid surface to work with again.Siding replacement water damage

We began by washing the exterior of the home with the appropriate pressure and cleaners to prepare the surfaces for paint.  We scraped and sanded as needed and primed all the bare spots on the siding.  The primer provides a solid foundation for the paint so peeling does not occur, and ensures a lasting job.  All the paint chips and scrapings were captured with drop cloths so there was no residual left behind.  All siding boards that needed replacing were installed and prepared for painting.  The gutters were inspected as well as the fascia boards they are attached to.  This is a common area for water damage to occur due to backed up gutters or rain overflow.   siding on farm house Greensboro, NC

Once the home was properly prepped all areas requiring caulk were caulked.  Proper caulking prevents moisture, wind, rain, and snow from getting in to these areas.  Established homes exterior caulk should be checked every five years or so for adhesion, cracking, or separation. New homes should be checked after the first year due to settling.Farm house side Greensboro north carolina

Now that the prep is done the painting could begin.  The color chosen for this project was Westchester Gray by Sherwin-Williams.  The paint was Sherwin-Williams Duration Exterior Satin.  The siding and trim were painted utilizing spray techniques as well as brush and roll for the trim and other non-sprayable areas.  This provides a superior finish and look.

The end result was fantastic.  This home is now buttoned up and ready to withstand the harsh elements of summers and winters. Additionally, the color and sheen really made the home look fantastic, and really brought out the white trim.

We were thrilled to be a part of this project, and we are looking to serve and develop relationships with many more homeowners in the Burlington and Greensboro areas.



Exterior House before painting