Have you ever needed the perfect Valentines Day Gift? Have you been buying flowers, chocolates and jewelry for the past 15 years? Valentines day is a perfect chance for you to be the HERO! Is there a space in your home that you have been talking about painting forever and you are just waiting for “the right time”? The right time is NOW.

The most requested service for Affinity Painting in 2018 is Cabinet Painting. This is a cost-effective way to update the look of your kitchen simply by changing the color of your Cabinets. Can you think of a better Valentines day gift to your spouse than a freshly painted kitchen? Let’s discuss how you can become the HERO this Valentines day.

  1. Cabinet Painting – This is easily the most requested service in 2018. We can change the entire feel/look of your kitchen in just 3-5 days. You will be so happy with the results, even doing dishes in your new kitchen becomes fun! (Maybe that was a stretch…)
  2. Master Bedroom – No more hitting the “Snooze Button”. Waking up in your freshly painted Master bedroom sounds like a wonderful way to start your early morning routine!
  3. Bonus Room – How many of you have a Bonus Room that could use a refresh? Are the seams coming undone from temperature changes or is the color not inviting? What a great time to paint this space to put that dusty exercise equipment to good use!

This Valentines day, you can be the HERO and turn these conversations into a reality. Let us help you. Schedule a 15-20 minute conversation today to discuss your project.