How do I decide?

Why are there so many different paint choices? Why do the paints range from $20 per gallon to $89 per gallon? What’s the difference between the $20 paint and the High-Quality Paint? During this article I will break down the many reasons why cutting cost on paint will most often lead to higher overall costs.


When you decide to use a high-quality paint you are not only paying for the quality now, you are paying for not having to paint as frequently in the future. A high-end paint will elongate the lifespan of your paint job by up to two times.

Easier to Clean

The high-quality paints on the market do make cleaning easier than the cheaper options. We always suggest to use baby wipes to clean walls as it is non-abrasive and does not contain a lot of soap to leave a white residue on your walls. Most paints in the top tier do market themselves as being “washable”.

Coverage and Hide

While these may seem like the same there are some differences, and high-quality paint will help with both. Coverage refers to the SQ footage that one gallon can cover. As a general rule 1 gallon of paint will cover 300-400 SQ ft. The high-quality paints will be very close to the 400 number and the lower end paints will be closer to the 300 number, sometimes even less. Hide refers to the paint’s ability to cover existing colors and itself. If you are using bold colors, such as dark blues and reds it is absolutely imperative that you use a high-quality paint. You can save yourself several coats of labor and materials by choosing a better paint the first time.

Ease of Use

If you are painting yourself, you should always reach for a high-quality paint. The reason why the cheaper paints are considered to be “contractor-grade” is because they are harder to use. These paints run off of your brush and splatter from your rollers. If you are painting your own home, the high-quality paints will help you finish the job much faster.

Now for the Big Reveal!!! What does Affinity Painting use for their projects??? You guessed it, we use High-Quality paints. These paints include Sherwin Williams Emerald Interior and Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior.

If you need any painting advice or need us to come a take a look at a project that you have, book a free estimate today!